Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snitch Movie Review - More than the action packed film it was marketed to be.

In Snitch, John Matthews' son was set up in a drug deal and is set to be imprisoned for 10 years, and it is up to him to hopefully shorten his son's prison time even if it involves working undercover for the DEA.

The premise of Snitch is simple and it works well because of it. It is in many ways a family movie injected with thrilling action and some surprisngly moving emotional work. The thing that sets this apart from other movies in the same genre is its emphasis on characters and their humanity. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this especially in a movie starred by The Rock Dwayne Johnson whose known for his long wrestling stint and testosterone filled films.

The script was surprisingly good in this one and it showed especially in the characters. I cannot stress enough how the amount of action in the movie was much less than I expected and that was a welcome surprise. Instead you have scenes that build up the characters and develops them all throughout the movie. Ultimately, you feel for their predicament and get heartbroken at times. I wouldn't be surprised if someone cried at certain scenes because the acting for what its worth was amazing. Dwayne Johnson was a bit mellow at times when I expected him to burst out in anger, and their were some scenes that I thought were silly and served no purpose to the story, but it is all good because of the character development.

The Rock proves his worth as an actor in this one.
To complement the mellow Johnson is Jon Bernthal popular for playing Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead. Shane was my favorite character in the series and I was excited to see his first movie after the series. Needless to say, his performance was raw and intense in all the right places. He is a great complement to John Matthew's character and the best part is his story was also fleshed out. In a surprising turn of events, we have two well developed characters on screen with their own stories to tell. It was definitely a treat to watch on screen.

The directing really sold the movie well. Despite some issues with the heavy shaky cam, for the most part I thought the movie really flowed well and the pacing was good. It sort of had that indie feel and look to it as the camera was never stationary and it effectively showed the feel of each scene. It was a short movie to boot which shows that the director knew the story he wanted to tell and cut out all the fluff.

Why did they kill you off in The Walking Dead again?

Overall, Snitch was a very good time. It had its flaws and is obviously not movie of the year material but there was a lot to take away and definitely a lot to think about. I personally am not that much of a fan of all out action movies and thankfully this isn't one of them. It had more heart than I expected but it still kept the tense foreboding atmosphere all throughout. Definitely a flick to check out,


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