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Silver Linings Playbook - Movie Review

In Silver Linings Playbook, Pat Solitano, after being released from a mental institution is faced with the responsibility of turning his life around despite his problems to revive a relationship with his former wife. However, along the way, he meets this girl with problems of her own and by helping her, he might finally find that silver lining.

The problem I find with romantic comedies and why I'm not so fond of them is that they're predictable, cliched, and sometimes forced. Silver Linings Playbook is not that kind of movie. It is a brilliant little comedy filled to the brim with content, laughs and drama and has a lot to say that almost everyone can relate to. You can't help but walk away from the movie with a smile on your face.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper's chemistry is off the charts.
First of all, the cast is brilliant. Bradley Cooper was sort of a drifter to me in the movie scene until this gem right here. He showed that he had the potential to star in plenty different roles and just nail it. He was really funny and the way he delivered his lines is spot on. Jennifer Lawrence is the prime breakthrough actress this year. Most will remember her for The Hunger Games but this is one of her best performances and I can only see her getting better. Robert De Niro is in it too and his veteran presence in the film is such a boost to the movie. Jacki Weaver handled her role great being the mother of a son with bipolar disorder. Chris Tucker was very conserved which really brought out his character. For a minor character, his presence on screen was very welcome.

"Why are you wearing a garbage bag?"

The biggest thing I have to commend about this film is the script, the dialogue and the directing. The script was phenomenal. The characters had a lot of things to say, things very important to the story and it was very well delivered by all the actors in the movie. You can feel that the relationships are real and tangible and not far off from reality. The cinematography was also good with very unconventional techniques. For example, in some points they used very wide angles (which is common for landscapes), expect this was used for dialogue scenes and that was very new to me. You also notice the rapid dollying in to characters which gives their personalities a whole new dynamic. The pacing was excellent which is why I assume there is a lot of content. Every scene was packed with dialogue and story pregression so there was never a dull moment.

It manages to balance out the drama and comedy really well. In fact in scenes where the atmosphere was heavy, David O. Russell injects just the right amount of comedy, not to dispell the drama but to enhance it and make it real. Without spoiling much, there was a scene near the end where everyone was on edge. This is the point where you expect things to go down but for some reason, the movie suddenly gives you something to at least smirk or laugh about. Because of this, the movie isn't overbearing on your emotions and does what it intends to do. This is where other comedies with drama fall short. They tend to forget that they are a comedy by, in hopes of having that human and grounded feeling, overdoing the drama. The recipe here in Silver Linigs Playbook was baked to perfection.

The supporting cast adds a whole new dynamic to the movie.

The movie tackles a relatively unique topic about how two people with mental problems, how unfortunate their case may seem, and how they can still come together and turn that negativity into a silver lining, I like how the "normal" people in this movie seem the most out of place and the moment you realize this you feel like the tables are turned and you're just gripped by that feeling all throughout. And it's a good feeling. It's the feeling of honesty. After the movie you just feel like being yourself no matter how crazy or unconventional you may be.

Silver Linings Playbook as you may know has been nominated in a lot of categories in various awards shows and I think it has a really great shot at becoming Best Picture and the actors getting their respective awards too. David O. Russel also did a great job at directing and he should be commended for this great piece of cinema.

If you're looking for that silver lining in your life, they you may want to watch Silver Linings Playbook. You'll have a great time, guaranteed.


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