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Karlobster's Top 10 Movies of 2012

Welcome to my blog and welcome to my Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2012. These movies are those that were just a joy to watch and captivated me from the get go up to the end. They may not be considered by many as THE BEST movies of 2012, they have their flaws, they have their weaknesses, but depite that, I really enjoyed watching them. NOTE: I haven't watched ALL films of 2012. I didn't get a chance to watch every big release. Since I live in the Philippines I am severly limited with what gets released in the cinema as well as DVD. Movies like Les Miserables and Django Unchained haven't been released here yet, so movies of December 2012 are 2013 movies for me. ON TO THE LIST!

10. Wreck it Ralph

Of course, there always should be at least one animated movie on a top 10 list and this year it happens to be Wreck it Ralph. I am a huge gaming fanatic, and when the trailer came out and I found out it would use games as its setting, I was instantly sold. When I watched it, I didn't regret waiting for it at all. Sure I was expecting more video references, like homage to other well known classics like say Mario, Metroid, Crash Bandicoot. But I understand, they need rights, and those rights are expensive. But hey, it isn't about games anyway, its about Ralph who happens to be a character in a game. One thing's for sure, this movie changed the way I look at video games and glitches forever.

9. The Dark Knight Rises

When the movie first came out I was really expecting this one to make it to the number 1-2 spot, but as time passed by my rose tinted glasses came off and my Batman fanboyism died down. But I still think it is one of the best of 2012 and deserves its place as one of the best superhero movies of all time. It gave the trilogy good closure and I'd definitely by the Blu Ray set when it comes out.

8. Looper

This is one of the movies I regret not watching at the cinema. But damn, this movie was great. JGL of course gave an amazing performance and the kid's acting was stunning. I love the more mature take on time travel because I absolutely love time travel. The whole movie felt like an old gangster type film except with subtle sci fi and futuristic undertones. I also loved the idea of closing loops and it is a really unique way of using time travel in a story. The movie makes you think a little, and the reward for investing yourself into the universe and the characters pays off at the end. However, the movie came to a complete stop near the middle. This should have been higher in my list if not for the halt in plot progression for a good part of the movie.

7. The Hobbit

Being a Lord of the Rings fan, I was very excited for The Hobbit. They hype paid off. The Hobbit is one great piece of cinema I wouldn't mind to watch over and over again sporadically for the rest of my life. I thought it had better pacing than Fellowship of the Ring and the walking segments were less profound because of the great over the top action injected expertly into their journey. Also, the visuals were amazing. You won't get to watch another movie in 2012 that looks and sounds as great as Lord of the Rings. The 3D was a little lacking especially given the hype Peter Jackson likes to build when it comes to 3D. The monster and environment design was spot on and very innovative. You've never seen anything like it.

6. 21 Jump Street

This flick here was sort of a sleeper hit to me. I saw trailers and posters but didn't care for it. Mostly because Channing Tatum to me is just some actor who for lack of acting prowess just stars in pointless dancing movies which everyone seems to love. But I decided to give it a try and boy was I surprised at what I got. Tatum and Hill work perfectly together and I can't stress enough how their chemistry was off the roof in this one. The writing was amazing for a comedy flick. It had me laughing in the very first minutes and a lot of times through the course of the movie. It was witty and clever and you don't find that in a lot of comedy flicks. It was one hell of a good time, enough to propel it to the 6th spot in my list.

5. Indie Game: The Movie

To orient you, Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary about indie game developers and their struggles in developing and releasing a game they're working on and everything in between. It's a really captivating and heartfelt movie which shows the man behind the game. But instead of going deep into the technicalities of development, it gives a human twist on it all and delivers this emotional and uplifting experience which isn't done enough in documentaries. I am a huge gaming fan, and this movie just grasped my gamer heart and didn't let go up to the very last second. It had me in tears at one particular scene and it made me want to support developers like them and what they do to for the gaming industry. It also made shed a few tears at one particular scene.

4. Cabin in the Woods

Not your typical horror movie, Cabin the woods goes from dark and mysterious, to crazy scary to crazy funny. As a lot of people have said, it is the last horror movie ever and they should just stop making horror movies after this. Aside from its great acting and writing, the movie was very self aware which I appreciate in a horror movie. It also deconstructs horror movies really well and takes you on a ride you never expected going into the theater. I don't want to spoil anything but if you had one horror movie to watch from the year 2012, it should be Cabin in the Woods.

3. Safety not Guaranteed

This is a movie I just watched recently and I was blown away. I said earlier that I loved time travel movies right? Well, this is THE time travel movie and is coincidentally one of the best films of 2012. Of and it is also an indie movie. Wait, Time travel but indie? Do they have the budget for that? This movie proves you don't need a big budget to get yourself amazing effects work to make a great time travel movie. All you need is a great idea, a good director and good actors to play out that idea and transfer it to the big screen.

The performances in this movie are jaw dropping. Aubrey Plaza is possibly the best actor you've never heard, and Mark Duplass just delivers his character perfectly never skipping a beat. For a movie about time travel, the movie featured really little of it and was mostly just said in passing but because of this, it was all the more believable. There was this veil of doubt throughout the whole movie which is only satisfied at the very last 5 minutes of the movie. Incredible.

2. The Avengers

The Avengers is the product of years of preparation by Marvel. Numerous movies of a lot of characters, then joining to make one great movie that will blow your mind away. There really isn't much left say about this movie as everything I'm sure has been said numerous times over the internet, tv and radio. It had the potential to fail horribly but because it knows its goal and knows what kind of movie it is, it didn't and delivered more than one could possibly imagine from a superhero movie. Bravo Marvel.

1. Holy Motors

And last but not the least is Holy Motors.

Holy cow. Holy sh&t.

For a movie I didn't fully understand, which I don't think I will ever, I still loved this movie so much. It is this visual spectacle that you are just enraptured by. I have never seen any other film like this and the imagery it shows you is spectacular. I can't really say what this movie is about as I don't really understand it myself, but the beauty of the movie is that you think long and hard about what this movie means and as you think more about it you realize it gets better and better. How often does a movie stimulate deep thought hours upon hours after viewing it? Not very much and Holy Motors seemingly puts the responsibility of finding meaning to it in your hands. For a very barebones description of the movie, it is about movies, but not in the documentary like feel. It sort of pays homage to movies but still criticizes the state of film today in a rather uncanny and interesting way. It does this through actor Denis Lavant.

Denis Lavant probably propelled himself to the top with this movie and I can confidently say that he is one of the best actors of our generation. He plays 11 different roles, all very contrasting and unique. When he changes personas, you know that he's become a different character entirely and it is such a joy to watch unfold on the screen. I can't recommend it to everyone as it requires an open mind to watch. A mind that's willing to forget what Hollywoods thinks is good and would like to experience something of higher caliber. Holy Motors is everything I love about film and more.


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